Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The recent global COVID-19 Pandemic has heightened the awareness and benefits of having and using PPE devices. HB Enterprises, for many years has offered PPE products such as Masks and Gloves. However, in this current global shortage of vital PPE, caused by the Coronavirus, being a nimble global sourcing company, we can find, and import/export needed PPE.

The N95 Respiratory Mask is amongst NIOSH’s top recommended American made mask for essential workers/professionals. Today, N95 masks are globally scarce and now recommended to be reserved in the USA for Essential Workers/Businesses, like healthcare professionals, governments, grocery stores, transportation/police/fire departments, etc. We have done extensive research to find a readily available equivalent protective mask and offer China’s KN95. In addition, we offer additional PPE gears such as: Gloves, Face Shields, Gowns & Surgical Medical Protective Suits, Disinfectants – Hospital Grade, Goggles

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Note: When there is a shortage in the USA, we have the capability to source PPE globally.