Eye Surgery on a Cat

Scan Optics designed a SO-5900 model microscope with XY funciton in June 2009.

One of our first SO-5900's was commisioned in Perth WA in August.

In the picture above Dr Robert J Harris from Mt Lawly & Inglewood Vet Centre is seen performing a cataract surgery on a cat.

Gary Lowder from Scan Optics was at the scene to witness this operation.

Dr. harris has been using the microscope with several patients, and has been pleased with the results.

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Pet Test Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Pet Test Blood glucose monitoring is a system designed to aid in the treatment of Pet Diabetes. Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian prior to starting new treatments. We makes no recommendations on treatment options and is solely a system for measuring Blood Glucose levels in dogs and cats.

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Glucose SOS for Pets

Glucose SOS is a fast-acting glucose gel product that raises your pet’s blood sugar quickly and effectively to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Hypoglycemia is extremely serious, not only for diabetic pets but for hunting & highly active dogs, toy breeds, puppies & kittens. Low blood sugar can cause seizures, coma and even death. Unlike traditional remedies (Karo syrup or honey to the gums, treats, etc.), Glucose SOS for Pets provides a standardized, precise and repeatable treatment of concentrated glucose gel in an easy to use syringe.

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